Batik Fabric Indonesia | Fabric Traditional Clothing Goes Global

Batik Fabric Indonesia | Fabric Traditional Clothing Goes Global

Batik Fabric Indonesia | Fabric Traditional Clothing Goes Global | Indonesia, Jakarta 2017.

Batik Fabric, Batik [1], (Fabric [2]) Batik Art, handicraft hand made tradition of Archipelago Nusantara, original culture from Indonesia. Definition of Batik [3] ; a method of printing patterns on cloth, in which wax is put on the cloth before it is put in dye (= a substance for changing its colour), or cloth that is printed in this way.

Or pictorial fabric cloth have motif, patterned color choice, the way of making the process by using a liquid wax, using traditional tools Canting (Javanese pronunciation), through color dyeing process, and sloughing of fluid contained wax, which form the pattern motifs drawing, have painting, and color combinations.

Indonesian batik fabric cloth, made, done to fulfill orders in the various world markets, and markets online batik as well as for the domestic market, made in cotton linen sheets, as well as natural silk and synthetic.

The textile most commonly used are cotton clearance fabrics as Primiss and Prima cotton fabric. Made from cotton yarn fiber, flexible material made of woven yarn. The textile fabric formed by stitching, sewing, binding, and how pressing.

Sample Image Shop Batik Collection Batik Solo, Lasem, Pekalongan Batik Three State. Traditional Crafts Fabric Art Typical of the archipelago, Indonesia First, Proud of Being a World Cultural Heritage.

Batik Fabric Indonesia | Fabric Traditional Clothing Goes Global



History Of Batik Fabric | Fabric Traditional Clothing Goes Global | Fabric Pride Of Indonesia

History of batik fabric, the oldest evidence of traditional craft art fabrics using liquid night (Wax, batik facts), is found in the Far East, Middle East, Central Asia, India more than 2000 years ago.

Craft art feeds on itself, without the influence of trade relations, and interaction between cultures. However, the spread to the islands, the Malay Archipelago and west, to the Middle East through the caravan trade route occurs.

Batik types of silk (Silk Batik, types of batik), is found in China since the Sui Dynasty (AD 581-618). Found in Nara, Japan shaped screen, is believed to come from the Nara period (AD 710-794).

The fabric is made possible Chinese artists. Wearing ornaments decorative motifs of flora and fauna, decorated with stylized paintings of trees, animals, flute players, hunting scenes, and the natural beauty of the mountains.

Sample Image Shop Batik Online, Batik Fabric Collection Motif Wonogirenan Solo, Surakarta Central Java Batik Khas. Shop Online Batik Three State, 3 Country, 3 Land, Batik Lasem, Batik Yogyakarta, Pekalongan Batik Three State. Traditional Crafts Fabric Art Typical of the archipelago, Indonesia First, Proud of Being a World Cultural Heritage.

Batik Fabric Indonesia | Fabric Traditional Clothing Goes Global



Has not found evidence pictorial cloth cotton (cotton fabric) is found in India. However frescoes, caves Ajunta tells the story of the use of headgear, clothing, fashion pictorial like batik. Java and Bali temple ruins tell the story, their story pictorial motifs similar fashion clothes this traditional fabric.

In 1677 there is evidence of trade relations, the Chinese traders to Java, Sumatra, Persia and Hindustan carry pictorial silk fabric. Egyptian linen, wool, has a calibration technique oldest wax from the 5th century AD. Yoruba tribe of Nigeria South Africa and Senegal also have this tradition.

Sample images batik activities, wear hearing Canting (batik tools), carve, draw a line, liquid dripping wax on plain fabric, previously plain fabric patterned with prefix sketch, sketch pattern design motif drawn, painted.

Batik Fabric Indonesia | Fabric Traditional Clothing Goes Global



Development of batik in the archipelago, Indonesia’s largest and extraordinary, especially in Java, an area where traditional fabrics is experiencing the peak achievement of the cultural traditions of clothing, more than body covering clothing, everyday clothing.

During the occupation of the Netherlands, Indonesian batik artisans brought in to teach the art of this craft in some factories in the Netherlands, since the year 1835. Beginning in the 1900s Germany developed the mass production of batik. Switzerland started to manufacture traditional synthetic fabrics, imitation since the early 1940s.

Today, diaspora development and growth of traditional fabric craft art that originally fundamental base of traditional art of batik handicrafts. Developed into home industry cloth cap, cloth printing, emboss and industrialization and modern textile computerized inspire renowned fashion designer, fashion trends, the latest fashion trends.

Batik classic, modern, contemporary, models 2014, 2015, 2016 dress model, a combination weaver, a model robe, brocade (textile garments ladies, dress clothing, kek) develops and inspired by the history of this traditional cloth.

Muslim clothing, dress, kebaya party, skirts, blazers, blouses, uniforms, polo shirts, T-shirts, pants, gloves, glove stained underwear model from traditional fabric motifs typical of this archipelago.

Motives pictures of insect infestation, sketch, flora and fauna, landscapes, geometric motifs, abstraction, patterns, batik motif, colored ornament decoration gloves, gloves, car seat, bed sheet sets, mattress pillow bolsters, glove tables, chairs, tablecloths , bags, gloves tv led, motorcycle gloves, crafts home decor products.

Some types of rolls, created and performed by techniques similar to Mencanting, patterned fabrics of this traditional craft art, because batik is the tradition, the culture and part of the lives of citizens of the archipelago, Indonesia, the world is recognized and appreciated.

Batiks Definition | Fabric Fine Art, Craft Traditional Pride Of Indonesia

Batiks definition, starting from lines and dots, the Java language; Amba, Tik; Amba (Field) | Point (Tacking), there is also a call Rambatik. version simply philosophical meaning, to capture, uncover and expose the message batik, traditional dress typical Javanese tradition, heritage cultural heritage of the world, is out of the field; a symbol, a symbol of their room. point; a symbol, a symbol of their existence, existence. So the relationship between space and existence.

Sample Pictures, Photos Pride Keris Motif, Motif Decorative Ornaments Keris Treasure, Pride Keris Pamor Wos Wutah, Dapur (Style) Naga Sosro, Dragon Thousand Scaly | Visual Art Forms-Keris & Batik | Motif Keris, Keris Prestige Similar motifs With Visual Creations motif-motif This Traditional Cloth. Keris Batiks, Kris & Batik Are Soulmate.

Sample Pictures, Photos Prestige Keris Motif, Motif Decorative Ornaments Corak Keris Pusaka, Prestige Keris Ganggeng Kanyut | Visual Art Forms-Keris Batik | Motif Keris, Keris Prestige Similar motifs With Visual Creations motif-motif This Traditional Cloth.



Dialog line with a point in space, symbolizing the dialogue relationship with the living space, a dialogue with the owner of the space and life. Javanese ethnicity, cultural beliefs common in the archipelago at that time was believed the great powers that govern the universe, before the arrival of the influence of religion and belief in a new belief in the land of Java, in the archipelago.

Batik Clothing | Dressed Traditional Culture Experience Tradition Typical Indonesia

Clothing traditional cloth (Batik clothing), various types of types of variety, history, the kinds of techniques manufacture and its use (what is batik used for). Being a part of life, expression and impression of social activities, religious rituals, position, rank statue sociality, and expression of a sacrifice, and devotion.

Kebaya piece of cloth, fabric jarik, traditional dress shirt (cotton batik dresses) has a message and a story. Guarding life, accompanying the process of maturity, the maturity stage, the stages of social development, religious rituals according to the confidence and trust of the Java community at that time. Symbolism, certain motifs, symbol, meanings of certain traditional fabric accompany life before birth until death death.

Indonesian textile fabrics typical of the archipelago. Sold online in many countries, popular, liked and loved in Pakistan, as clothing, men’s clothing clothes, favored and sought after in the store online shop Turkey, becoming the pride of adult male clothing, comfortable to wear, cotton primiss and prima cold dress. Fits in a tropical climate, comfortable to wear in various weather in parts of the world as pride fabric, fabric fine art crafts from Indonesia.

Passion Of Batik Lasem, Batik Typical Lasem, Batik Typical coastal city of Rembang Lasem. Hue Typical Batik Lasem, Jengger Red Rooster, Characteristic Color Batik North Shore Of Javanese, Central Java, Rich Color, Bright And Bold.

Batik Fabric Indonesia | Fabric Traditional Clothing Goes Global



Batik of Java, the most modern Muslim fashion fabric, fabric clothing material school and office uniforms, uniforms airline stewardess wearing this fabric, and the name of this traditional cloth brand etched into the pride of the airline company; Batik Air. Formerly, worn into a symbol, a symbol of hope, prayer and hunger | as well as a celebration ceremony and salvation.

Starting from the pre-marriage (pre wedding), ritual before the wedding, at the wedding and the wedding itself, then the bridal couple wading domestic life, pregnant, contain sons, gave birth to the funerals, this traditional cloth accompaniments, worn and become carriers message, philosophy and order.

Batik Fabric from Nusantara archipelago, art of traditional handicrafts, unique fabric of Indonesia’s tradition hand made and culture worldwide. A pride for Indonesia, by UNESCO, appreciated, recognized and designated as Heritage Humanity’s Oral Culture and non-material (Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity) since October 2, 2009, in Paris, central of haute couture, master designer, fashion designer, The central trend fashion, pride fashion world, France.

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